Realme very First its own Realme UI Custom UI Skin based on ColoOS 7 Android 10 update is finally rolling out for some Realme devices like Realme 3 Pro and Realme XT. Realme Ui, the biggest upgrade to the company’s custom skin has now out with some really interesting new features.

Realme UI is not an entirely new user interface. It is largely the new ColorOS 7 with some notable changes done by the realme to create a new identity for its device. Realme UI based on Android 10 brings new features, performance upgrades and visual changes to realme devices.

We have got the update of realme UI on our Realme XT with it. It has brought the all-new experience for the realme devices with the option to customize app icons, font style & size, Off-Screen Clock, new gestures navigation and much more. Having said that, let’s find out everything about the Realme UI.

RealmeUI Update and Features

New Improved Home Screen

The first thing after the Update we noticed is the new improved HomeScreen with the all-new Mix of Samsung’s OneUI Notification panel. Realme UI feels more inclined to stock Android and somewhat a mix of OneUI, MIUI and Oxygen OS all in one. There is an option to get App Drawer or normal Standard user interface which is great for the user who wants app drawer and those who don’t like it. There is also Google Search bar at the bottom just like Stock Android which makes one hand using very easy.

Icon Customisation

Realme UI finally brings the option to customize the icons for realme smartphones. you can choose one of the three styles including the “default” style, to go with Material Style Icon or Pebble Style Icons. The default icons are rounded in shape, which can be easily be customized. Although you can choose the custom icon style it still missing the option to add third-party icons, which is a slight disappointment.

Screen Recording with Internal Audio

If you like to play PUGB or Call of Duty and offen want to record it with the internal sound then Realme UI has solved the problem which was long-awaited in the ColorOS or Realme Smartphones. To enable this, you can simply long-press on the Screen Recording tile in the Quick Settings shade, and turn on the Record System Sound toggle to enable internal audio recording. The Screen recorder now also gets the pause the screen recording function which comes in very handy while recording.

Dark Mode

Realme smartphone already got the Dark Mode with the ColorOS 6.1 but, at that time feature was in beta and it was not deep Dark which we usually want to see in the Dark Mode it was more like the Greyish color, but with realme UI, the company has finally moved the feature out of beta and it’s now available for the system-wide dark mode.

Dark Mode option has also added some new options like set the Dark Mode to automatically work from sunset to sunrise and also schedule dark mode to turn on and off during a specific time interval as well. There is also the option for the force third-party app to support Dark mode which is still in beta stage.

Off-Screen Clock or Always on Display

The Most-Wanted feature for the Realme AMOLED devices would be the Off-Screen Clock or Always on Display which was missing from realme smartphones. The Off-Screen Clock has now been fully revamped with the lots of customization which everyone is going to love still it has lot more thing missing and the interface kinda looks outdated.

With Realme Ui Screen-Off Clock now we can customize it with different content as we like, there is an option to add or disable the Date, Battery, Notification and different clock styles to choose from. That’s not it, you can even use Screen-Off Clock to add your personal mantra or whatever you like. There is also an option for Edge-Notification which lights up the edge of display with a different color when the user receives any notification.

Realme Share

Realme Share is the all-new way to share files between Android smartphones. Realme Share was created with the partnership between the Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi which help to transfer any file seamlessly between the smartphones. Realme Share can easily transfer any file between Android smartphones without installing any application.

Android users have long been asking for an AirDrop alternative on their smartphones, and recently Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo announced that they had created an alliance to create exactly the same feature like it. Sharing files between smartphones is a lot more easy with realme share.

Dual Mode Music Share

This is personally my favorite feature of Realme UI. Dual Mode Music Share is very helpful in the situation where you’re listening to a song on your earphones and someone else wants to hear it? Normally you will give them one of your earbuds, but realme UI you can connect a pair of Bluetooth earphones and wired earphones together at the same time.

Not just for Music Dual Mode Music Share can even be used to make a call and keep the call working on one pair of earphones while your music plays on the other pair of earphones. The feature is currently available in Realme labs which means it still in beta stage and will take time to get stable.

Camera UI

Realme UI also brings totally new interface to the Camera UI which is similar to the Xiaomi Camera UI. Improvement in default camera app with realme UI also changes the lot more option to use the Ultra-Wide lens in the Realme XT has now moved to a more approachable location from top to bottom side. Now the camera UI is much more visible and easier to access.

Other Changes in Realme UI

While we have already mentioned some of the major features above, there are a lot more other features that have been added to Realme UI as well.

Focus Mode

Realme UI brings the all-new Focus Mode to Realme Smartphones. This feature is helpful for the users who want to take a break for while from using the smartphone all the time. Users easily get distracted by there phone this mode helps to keep the focus on the Work. Once you turn on these features you will not get any notifications on your phone and the system will limit the usage of apps as well.

This feature is similar to the feature found on MIUI 11 and Oneplus Zen Mode.

Dynamic Wallpaper

This new Realme UI feature brings the Live Wallpaper to Realme Smartphone which changes with the Time or the Weather.

Improved Sidebar

Realme UI also has some visual changes to the sidebar. The sidebar now looks more subtle and pleasing, plus the split-screen support has been added to more apps.

So those were the Realme UI features that we found interesting, Which feature do you like more? Do let us know in the Comment.

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